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American Universities’ Services (AUS) is a company formed by a team of highly experienced professionals, knowledgeable in all aspects of education consulting. The members of our team have practical experience in student placement, education consulting, workshops and training. We have in-depth knowledge of the education industry and use our knowledge and experience to aide students in the successful completion of degree programs in the United States. The crew here at AUS works as an integrated team with the best available educational resources from participating organizations and universities. Our staff takes pride in providing students with the best education opportunities and support. We cooperate with numerous major international universities and English language institutes. Our support staff of counselors and advisors offers various comprehensive resources. Read More…

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At American Universities’ Services we believe that learning and research are the basis of a good life. Education expands our minds and, thus, our possibilities. The more we inquire into life’s mysteries the more we discover about the world around us and our place in it; society benefits inherently from well educated members. We believe the future relies on the success of humanity, and the resourcefulness and education of the individual determines that success. American Universities’ Services believes in taking an innovative, futuristic approach to education. We make it a point to utilize the latest education resources to ensure the success of our students. Our hope is that, given the best opportunities at the best universities, our students will emerge as global leaders; ready to contribute to humanity and work to solve the issues that continue to plague the human race-such as preventing nuclear war, providing basic health care for people in underdeveloped nations, the AIDS epidemic, keeping humanity safe and secure.


News & Events


Gulf Education Conference

7th Gulf Education Conference and Exhibition, to be held in Jeddah, offers lessons in growth

JEDDAH: More than 25,000 people are expected to attend the 7th Gulf Education Conference and Exhibition at the University of Business and Technology (UBT) on Feb. 20 and 21.

Council of Saudi Chambers Secretary-General Dr. Saud Al-Mishari said the conference will help develop education in a variety of fields, and encourage scientific and research partnerships with international universities inside and outside the Kingdom.

The conference and its associated exhibition have become one of the most important education forums in the region.

The event is being held this year under the patronage of Education Minister Ahmed Al-Issa.

Education policymakers and experts, as well as students and parents, will be among the visitors.

Speakers will discuss a range of education strategies for achieving innovation, employment, and economic growth.

An exhibition promoting more than 150 universities and companies from at least 30 states will run in conjunction with the conference, offering academic opportunities for universities and other institutions.

Education ministries from Gulf countries, the Association of Arab Universities and UBT have been involved in organizing the conference.

Al-Mishari highlighted the Kingdom’s interest in education as part of its Vision 2030 plan to diversify the economy and encourage private-sector investment.




Saudi Arabian & Middle East Legal Forum

Washington hosts Saudi Arabian & Middle East Legal Forum


The Saudi Arabian & Middle East Legal Forum took place in the US capital on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It was organized by the Georgetown Arab Lawyers Organization (GALO) and the Saudi Law Training Center (SLTC), under the supervision of the Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee (SAPRAC).

Attendees and participants included more than 350 prominent Saudi and American figures from various fields, including education, law, economics, business and media.

The forum discussed ways to attract international investment and develop the Saudi economy in the fields of energy, transport, financial services, trade, sports and entertainment.
The event also discussed doing business within the Saudi legal system, and the impact of legal reform and transparency on privatization projects and partnerships between the public and private sectors in the fields of trade, health care and entertainment.
The forum discussed Saudi and Middle Eastern arbitration and judicial systems, and outlined new challenges and opportunities in the fields of health care, energy and transport.

The conference was opened by GALO President Ahmed Medhat Karoub, who praised the Kingdom’s opening of its economy and society, and the international community’s embrace of this.
He said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 reform plan is derived from his appreciation of, and support for, innovation and science.

The Kingdom has made great strides in many areas, reflecting decision-makers’ efforts to establish a legal system and working environment that will help create a prosperous and sustainable economy, Karoub added.
Andrew Patterson, a board member of the International Environmental Business Organization, said during a panel discussion that the Kingdom is investing in its youth via Vision 2030.

Andrea Sherman, professor of law at Georgetown University, said: “I am very pleased to participate in the conference, which brought back wonderful memories of my time in Saudi Arabia as legal adviser to a number of elite companies.”
He praised the organization of the conference, and the ambition of young Saudi men and women to improve their society and country.

Stephen Hammond, a lawyer and partner at Hughes Hubbard & Reed, said the forum exceeded all expectations in addressing all issues relating to the Kingdom’s future and Vision 2030.
Such events are important in correctly presenting Saudi society, especially from a legal perspective, he added.

Saudi Justice Ministry Judge Sheikh Saleh Al-Saawi said laws and regulations enacted by the Kingdom’s leadership guarantee the judiciary’s independence and social justice for all its citizens.
Dr. Nouf Al-Ghamdi, a legal adviser and member of several accredited legal committees, praised the aims of Vision 2030 to strengthen the fields of entertainment, sports and tourism, and to encourage women’s participation in the workforce and in decision-making.
Attorney Majed Karoub, head of the SLTC, expressed pride in the conference’s success.

The Kingdom’s future lies in its youths’ determination to enable it to compete with developed countries in all sectors, he said.

SAPRAC’s vice president of media, Reem Daffa, said the forum successfully merged Saudi and American cultures.

It was a unique opportunity to link Saudi law students with a network of experts in various legal disciplines that are necessary in the Kingdom in light of Vision 2030, she added.