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About AUS

American Universities’ Services (AUS) is a company formed by a team of highly experienced professionals, knowledgeable in all aspects of education consulting. The members of our team have practical experience in student placement, education consulting, workshops and training. We have in-depth knowledge of the education industry and use our knowledge and experience to aide students in the successful completion of degree programs in the United States. The crew here at AUS works as an integrated team with the best available educational resources from participating organizations and universities. Our staff takes pride in providing students with the best education opportunities and support. We cooperate with numerous major international universities and English language institutes. Our support staff of counselors and advisors offers various comprehensive resources. Read More…

Our Mission

At American Universities’ Services we believe that learning and research are the basis of a good life. Education expands our minds and, thus, our possibilities. The more we inquire into life’s mysteries the more we discover about the world around us and our place in it; society benefits inherently from well educated members. We believe the future relies on the success of humanity, and the resourcefulness and education of the individual determines that success. American Universities’ Services believes in taking an innovative, futuristic approach to education. We make it a point to utilize the latest education resources to ensure the success of our students. Our hope is that, given the best opportunities at the best universities, our students will emerge as global leaders; ready to contribute to humanity and work to solve the issues that continue to plague the human race-such as preventing nuclear war, providing basic health care for people in underdeveloped nations, the AIDS epidemic, keeping humanity safe and secure.


News & Events

ME schools

International schools in Mideast on the rise


The market for English-medium, K-12 international schools in the Middle East continues to grow, with total number of schools reaching 1,597 with a little over 1.1 million students.
“The international schools market is not yet saturated as some believe; there remains a great opportunity especially in the mid-market, more affordable education sector; as well as for schools offering specializations as SEN, sports or bilingual learning,” said Sarah Palmer, Marketing and Conference Director, Tarsus F&E LLC Middle East, organisers of GESS Dubai, which will host a briefing on the challenges and opportunities associated with teacher recruitment vis-à-vis the expected growth in numbers of international schools in the region.

Held in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Education and under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, GESS Dubai will take place from today (Feb. 27) to March 1 at the Sheikh Saeed Halls of the Dubai World Trade Centre. Registration is free for education professionals who will be given CPD certificates for attending.

According to the latest data from ISC Research, the leading provider of market intelligence on international schools, the top destinations in the Middle East for English-language, K-12 international schools are UAE (627), Saudi Arabia (257), Qatar (166) and Turkey (118).

In the UAE, the number of international schools has grown by 6.3% since 2013, while enrolment has grown 9.2% over the same period. Income generated from school fees has also breached the $4.7 billion mark, making this sector a sunshine industry for the Emirates.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is expected to see tremendous growth in the future once the law allowing 100% foreign ownership of education comes into effect, opening a pathway for future investors to enter the market. This year, GESS Dubai welcomes the biggest Saudi presence to date with the participation of the Ministry of Saudi Arabia, QIYAS (Education Evaluation Commission), Colleges of Excellence and other key companies.

Addressing the full spectrum of the education sector, the Middle East’s leading education show will also highlight the ongoing globalization of the higher education sector with Abhishek Sharma, founder and CEO of Foundation Holdings, offerings insights on improving college affordability, increasing graduation rates and paving the way for a digital higher education in the future. In addition, vocation education will be a key focus at the show with the participation of the biggest German and UK pavilions offering a range of vocational and higher education products.

Over 200 presentations and inspirational talks by leading education, technology, leadership experts as well as innovators and business leaders will take place at GESS Dubai 2018 in different categories such as Neuroscience in Education, Future Learning, Innovation stage, Leadership Stream, Education in Action and GESS Talks Arena. — SG



EDU expo

Adapt or fall behind, Gulf education leaders warned


Education in Saudi Arabia must adapt to keep pace with “profound developments” in global technology, the 7th Gulf education conference was told.

Deputy of Private Education Saad Al-Fuhaidi said: “New formulas must be found to harmonize education with the competencies required in today’s generation and the future functions that it has in the realms of cybersecurity and biotechnology, as well as three-dimensional printing, supercomputing and other profound developments.”

Earlier, Matthias Mitman, US Counsul General in Jeddah, told the conference: “Education is one of our countries’ strongest ties, as it increases the mutual understanding and gives Americans a more accurate picture about Saudi society and culture.”
“Saudi students excel through many education fields in the United States,” he said. “Saudis who graduated from US universities are able to start businesses and work in Saudi Arabia, including doctors, engineers, teachers and scientists. The US welcomes tens of thousands of Saudi nationals to study, and Saudi Arabia currently has the fourth-highest number of national students in the US.”

Chairman of the University of Business and Technology, Abdullah Dahlan, told the conference: “The Saudi Arabia leadership has made education one of its top priorities. Education has been one of the most important fundamentals of the future vision … a foundation for building the state.”

The Kingdom’s campaign to eradicate illiteracy offers services to more than 957 students. The campaign’s executive director, Hassan Adnawi, said that 26 learning centers for male and female students had been opened since 2017, with 58 teachers providing courses in subjects associated with the campaign.

Education Director of Gulf Education David Lock said: “The Kingdom has set out in Vision 2030 very clearly what it wants to do, but for that to happen the education sector has to respond and it has to respond at all levels, not just for the benefit of Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia but also for the benefit of Saudi Arabia in the world. Consequently, basic education, dealing with illiteracy, and introducing more people to English and other languages are vital for the success of Vision 2030.”

Simon Collis, British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said: “There is a new understanding of where Saudi Arabia is standing in the world now and in the future. When we come to Vision 2030, you can see that the focus on education is at the heart of the program. It seems to me that every single challenge is a human resource development.”